Warning: Storms @ALL and Safety Reminders
Posted: 2018-05-07 Visits: 251

According to the Xiamen Weather Broadcast released on 1:10pm, 7TH, MAY, Xiamen is embraced both by



It's estimated that from 13pm 7th May to 13th 8th May, Xiamen will have the risk of Geological Disaster!

Our university is attacked by this storm and the pictures belows serve as warnings to our students:

Safety Reminders:

1. Stay away from water ponding area, electric wire, high-tension lines, advertising board and big trees!!!

2. Students in dorms please close windows and doors.

3. Try not to go outside, if needs be, then please wear rubber shoes and raincoat.

But don't worry, our teachers, university leaders and working staff are all working together to ensure our students' safety in this severe weather.