MBBS Program

MBBS means Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, are the two first professional degrees in medicine and surgery awarded upon graduation from medical school by universities in countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. The historical degree nomenclature suggests that they are two separate undergraduate degrees; however, in practice, they are usually treated as one and conferred together, and may also be awarded at graduate-level medical schools.

In the mid-19th century the public bodies that regulated medical practice required practitioners in Scotland and England to hold the dual Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees. Despite their styling as two degrees, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are usually conferred together. At some institutions, such as Oxford and Cambridge, it was possible to be awarded the degrees in different years.

In many countries, the degrees are awarded after an undergraduate course lasting five or six years. For example, most Chinese universities offering medical degrees provide undergraduate courses lasting six years.In some cases, a graduate in another discipline may subsequently enter a special graduate-entry medical course, reduced in duration to account for relevant material covered or learning skills acquired during the first degree. In some cases the old first-year courses (for six-year degrees) in the basic sciences of physics, chemistry and biology have been abolished: that standard has to be reached by school examinations before entry. However, in most countries a newly graduated Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery must spend a specified period in internship before they can obtain full registration as a licensed medical practitioner.

The degree is currently awarded in institutions in:



Bahrain, Bangladesh, China (continent), Hong Kong (China), India, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates


Ireland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom


Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago


Botswana, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe


Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu


In China, medical graduates are traditionally awarded a Bachelor of Medicine (BMED) for a course of study lasting five or six years. However, as of 2011, 49 universities (including its frequently top-ranked medical schools) have been authorised by the government to award the MBBS degree as an equivalent to the BMed.

The universities listed in 2011 were:

1.Anhui Medical University

2.Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3.Beihua University

4.Capital Medical University

5.Central South University

6.China Medical University

7.Chongqing Medical University

8.Dalian Medical University

9.Fudan University

10.Fujian Medical University

11.Guangxi Medical University

12.Guangzhou Medical University

13.Harbin Medical University

14.Hebei Medical University

15.Huazhong University of Science and Technology

16.Jiamusi University

17.Jiangsu University

18.Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

19.Jilin University

20.Jining Medical University

21.Nanchang University

22.Nankai University

23.Nanjing Medical University

24.Nantong University

25.Ningbo University

26.Ningxia Medical University

27.Peking University Health Science Center

28.Qingdao University

29.Shandong University

30.Shanghai Jiao Tong University

31.Shantou University

32.West China Medical Center of Sichuan University

33.Soochow University

34.Southeast University

35.Southern Medical University

36.Taishan Medical University

37.Tianjin Medical University

38.Tongji University

39.Wenzhou Medical University

40.Wuhan University

41.Xiamen University

42.Xian Jiaotong University

43.Xinxiang Medical University

44.Xinjiang Medical University

45.Yichun University

46.Zhejiang University

47.Zhengzhou University

48.Weifang Medical University

49.Luzhou Medical College

50.Sichuan Medical College

51.Shihezi University – School of Medicine

52.Hebei United University

53.Hubei University of TCM