Counseling Service

Warm Tips in the Flourshing Spring

Dear Students: 

The COVID-19 has left long-lasting effects on people, financially, physically, and mentally. We all have to cope up with a different kind of environment we are not used to like online class and staying indoors most of the times. You might feel frustrated to a certain degree, increasing the incidence of mental issues or crises on campus or at home.  We suggest you work on your mental health, be open-minded and keep positive energy through singing, dancing or playing music, etc. The student leaders are supposed to keep an eye on students, to support and guide them to make their lives happy, enjoyable, and positive. If you perceive someone who is in a depressive mood and thus might cause an emergency inside or outside the campus, please contact your coordinator without any hesitation.  


Feel free to contact us for arranging the much-needed help. Be courageous and come forward so that we together seek help.


MBBS Office

School of Medicine

Xiamen University