Notice for Fees of 2020-2021 Academic Year 2020-2021年度学费缴交通知
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Notice for Fees of 2020-2021 Academic Year  2020-2021年度学费缴交通知

Dear All:

         We wish to see you soon in school, but due to COVID-19, we have not got any information about the return for international students. Please wait patiently for the further notice according to pandemic situation , the visa policy of Chinese Government and international flights' possibility.  All the class schedule will be arranged by the teaching departmen accordingly (online-basis until further notice) .  

All the MBBS students shall pay the 2020-2021 Academic Year fees 

Tuition Fee :RMB 38000  (For students who are not be able to come back due to COVID-19, they just need to pay 38000 yuan, students can check it in school financial system. ) 

Hostel fee: RMB 1600  (If students will not be able to come back in this semester due to pandemic situation, school will return the dorm fee accordingly. )

Deadline for fee payment: Registration Date:   September 13, 2020 

(Wire transaction takes at leat 1 week to reach, so please do it as earlier as possible, and please send the transaction report to for necessary confirmation ).

Ways of transferring the tuition fees to the University’s bank account.

1. Transfer the money from your bank card in Finance Office

Can go to the library B902 with your bank card and student ID card during office hours.

2. Transfer from local bank in Xiamen

2.1 Bank of China

Account No: 428658381176

账户名称Account Name:厦门大学

银行名称bank’s name:中行厦大支行

Tuition fee: ______ rmb    Hostel fee: ________ rmb



2.2 China Construction Bank

Account No: 351015 670010 5000 2375

账户名称Account Name:厦门大学

银行名称bank’s name:中国建设银行厦大支行

Tuition fee: ______ rmb Hostel fee: ________ rmb



3. Transfer from your home country

Name of the Beneficiary: Xiamen University

Beneficiary Account No:428658381176

Beneficiary Bank:Bank of China, Xiamen Xiada Branch

Swift code: BKCHCNBJ73A

 Beneficiary Address: No. 422 Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China-361005

Tuition fee: _______rmb  

Hostel fee: _______rmb

Student name: ___________,  

Student ID. 24..________

Notice: when you transfer money from your home country,

You must fill the REMITTANCE INFORMATION with the following 3 important items:

1). Name: student’s full name, not your parents’ names

2). ID NO. 24xxxxx, this is very IMPORTANT, don’t omit and don’t fill wrongly.

3). Transfer purpose: tuition and hostel fees in Xiamen University

MBBS Office will consider the visa for students according to the fee transfer records in finance department as well as the behavior records, study performance, internship attendance etc. last year. Students are responsible for any results due to the late payment and their conducts.


1.Q: Totally How much should I transfer to XMU ACCOUNT ?

   A: ¥39600.  (need to consider transaction charges when you prepare for it )

2.Q:  If I have transferred more or less fees than 39600 RMB to university account, what to do ?

   A: If les, You can pay it through online process by following the public wechat 厦门大学财务处 . 

3. Q: When to pay Medical Insurance fee and visa fee 

   A: Medical Insurance fee payment  will be notified by the coordinator when it is necessary according to the visa extension.


Best wishes to everyone.

Stay Healthy, Keep in touch. 

School of Medicine, Xiamen University

MBBS Office

2020 August 10