“Unforgettable moments at XMU” essay competition每个厦大人心中都有最最难忘的事​
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Unforgettable moments at Xiamen University” essay competition


In the event to celebrate the 100th birthday of Xiamen University, the Alumni association of Xiamen University has organized an essay competition and the inputs of currents and alumni students are most welcome.

Material: Write about your most beautiful memory at Xiamen University.

A walk by the lake     A helping hand by a classmate/a teacher

Spring flowers           The time at the library   Meeting your best friend



Filling Contributions

Contributions are needed from current and alumni students as individuals or teams. The team may include class collective, teaching support league, student association, school student organization, volunteer service team, social practice team, student extracurricular activities association, scientific research project team or research group, party branch, league branch, sports team, art boutique creative team, etc.

The essay requirements

The narrative style is mainly non-fiction, telling good stories. The style is simple, sincere, fluent and readable, which can reflect the history, culture and unique temperament of Xiamen university. No more than 1200 words is advisable. If you have pictures, please select files with resolution greater than 300dpi, and make sure that you own the picture copyright.

Manuscript using

We will organize the review team, some of the excellent manuscript will be included in the series. The editing committee of the series has the exclusive right to publish the series, the right to disseminate information on the network and the right to sub-authorize the series.

The last day for the submission of essay is 26 of October, 2020.

Application for essay can be sent to Xiamen University Alumni Association email: xyzh@xmu.edu.cn

and mbbsstudentaffairs@xmu.edu.cn as a backup too. 

Please attach your information grade, major, class, current work contact information and personal info.

Address: Xiamen University Alumni Association, Building no 7, 422 Siming road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province China. Zip: 361005         Tel: 0592-2182227  

The essay activity is very important to celebrate 100th birthday of Alma mater. Your most beautiful memories will be presented to us and a chance for us to share them to the world.