Medi-Quiz Online Competition 2022
Posted: 2022-04-01 Visits: 696

Reported by Afroza Akter, 2021 batch

 5th Student Union, School of Medicine


Greeting everyone, I hope everyone is safe and sound.

Quiz competitions are always interesting and fun to be a part of. So, to cheer the students up and awaken their zeal from within, a quiz competition was conducted by the student union in the month of march this year.

The organizers of Mediquiz 2022 were Anish Sivakumar (2018 batch), Vyshnavi Vemula (2019 batch), Bhuvaneshwari kesavan (2019 batch) along with other union members. The quiz was hosted by Ruhi Shohel Haji Mohammed (2020 batch).

Mediquiz consisted of 2 rounds preliminary and final round. These rounds had 4 sub rounds. Among them, the first three rounds were question answer rounds, every round had a different topic ranging from Questions on General affairs of China, India and Bangladesh, Prominent dates and Personalities in the Medical field. Example: AIDS day, Father of Surgery, etc.  Questions on General Medical Knowledge, Questions on COVID-19, Inventions in the Field of Medicine, Epidemics and Pandemics in History. And to provide an authentic experience, an online buzzer was included. It created a big impact on the quiz, as a lot of people know the answer eventually but how fast a participant could catch the question and respond, it mattered the most. That’s when the buzzer came to play. The 4th sub round was the rapid-fire round.

The number of teams in the preliminary round were 8 and among them 5 teams got finalized. Throughout the whole competition, union members were monitoring the participants to make sure it was a fair competition. but there was an unforeseen event, which was taken care of by the union members.

Mediquiz was fantastically smooth and was a great experience. As all students are stuck within the vicinity of their home, it was a fun way to connect with juniors and seniors.

Finally, Congratulations to the winners and wishing best of luck next time to all the other teams. So, the winner of Mediquiz is,

Team 8- Hrithik Sharma and Rishi (2018 batch)



And the runner up team,

Team 4- Sahana bevor, Diksha and Aditya Garg (2021 batch) 

"Being able to find creative ways to manage and arrange this online competition with all standards is quite an accomplishment kudos to everyone invloved." 

MBBS Center, School of Medicine