Second Classroom

Introduction of Second Classroom for MBBS students


The second classroom for MBBS students is a system of innovative teaching which is the extension, supplement and expansion of the knowledge in the formal classroom teaching. Medical College of Xiamen University has set up an open-style practical room in order to ensure the performance of the second classroom successfully.

The second classroom includes Confucius Classroom and Student Development Program.

The role of Confucius Classroom (CC) focuses on building MBBS students’ understanding of and familiarity with China, its language, culture and people. It works to expand opportunities for MBBS students to learn Chinese-in schools and in extracurricular activities. It builds knowledge of China’s long and rich culture by bringing in artists, writers, musicians and performers to give MBBS students an experience of Chinese traditional and contemporary culture.

The role of Student Development Program (SDP) aims to provide meaningful opportunities that assist in challenging and fostering student development through extracurricular activities. SDP facilitates to nurture student leadership skills, student communication skills, global horizon and the development of the student as a whole. SLD also cultivates opportunities for experiential learning, development of interpersonal relationships, appreciation for diversity and opportunities for international or local community development. The programs offered through SDP help each student discover their passion and talents, while developing their skills and understanding of leadership and global horizon.